37 Weeks and Counting

25 Sep

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I don’t have any monumental thoughts or anything today.  Just a little update.  Today I almost puked on the treadmill.  Yeah, that was awesome!  Not really…It was more like violent acid reflux than a normal pukey feeling.  Sometimes the bouncing of walking or running really does not agree with me.  I immediately got off and drank some water, and felt a little better.  My esophagus is still burning though.  Go figure exercise would aggravate heartburn for me.  I finished my workout, albeit uncomfortably.

I’ve been doing pretty well in my quest to be active since my last post.  I worked out on that day, Tuesday, then again on Friday.   This week I did a lower body workout on Tuesday, which I am still sore from.  Wednesday I interviewed a yogi, who led myself and a friend through an hour of practice, which is more yoga than I have done since becoming pregnant, despite thinking I would get into it more.  Then today I hit the treadmill for 45 mins. before my acid reflux attack, then I did an upper body workout.  Tomorrow I have another yogi interview so I’ll get have that.  Not sure what is going to happen on Friday as we just found out we don’t have the Incline gym for skating, which is a bummer.  I’ll probably hit the SGF&A gym no matter what on Friday.

I have to say that I felt pretty good in my yoga session yesterday.  I’m sure my form was all kinds of wacky, cause my belly is huge, but I felt pretty strong and well after.  Ash was kicking the crap out of me the whole time though, I am going to assume that meant he liked it, or maybe he didn’t, but regardless I was very mindful of my belly and didn’t do any poses I didn’t feel comfortable in.  I avoided twists and lying on my back, even though, I personally, haven’t felt any discomfort from lying on my back throughout my pregnancy.

From what I have read, 60% of women experience a blood pressure spike while lying on their backs during pregnancy.  The supposed reason for this is that the placenta compresses a major artery that runs through your back when lying in this position.  I haven’t taken my blood pressure while laying on my back, but I don’t feel any differently.  In the beginning of my pregnancy I really stressed about this because I didn’t want to hurt the baby by depriving him of valuable oxygen and nutrients, because your heart has to work harder to do what it does best, and thats why your BP goes up.  Conversely it’s more of an issue in the second and third trimester because of the size and weight of the placenta.  Some women I know even said they found it hard to breathe while lying on their backs.  I stopped stressing about it, because sometime I  would wake up lying on my back, and I’d feel fine.  I think comfort is more important to me at this juncture, and all that side sleeping, even though it’s my preferred position, sometimes hurts my hips.

I felt kind of pathetic today doing my bicep and tricep exercises.  I’ve really lost some gains.  If anything though it’s made me more determined to stay healthy and really try to get it back after the birth.  I’m going to need my guns back if I’m going to be carrying a kiddo around anyway.  I want to be a healthy and active momma, so I hope I can stay on track.

On another note, I think today is the first day I really felt excited about having a baby.  I mean purely excited.  So many times my emotions have been mixed, always an excitement but also some fear, and worry mixed in.  I think that is normal.  But today I was reading a blog about picking out the baby’s go home outfit, and that really got me thinking about how cool it will be to have a baby.  My grandpa posted on Facebook about his hope Ash will become a baseball player in a playful way (for the St.Louis Cardinals of course) and I started fantasying about little league and teaching my kid to play, and all the fun stuff we’ll get to do together.  The worry is still there of course, but it was outshined by hope and anticipation.  I was even excited reading childbirth blogs.  I am so curious about what birth will be like, so I’ve been absorbing other women’s stories like a sponge.  Everyone is so different, and I am sure I will be unique as well.  My main hope is that I can just assimilate this little person into everything that we do, because I really think our lives are great.  I’m sure things will change too, but I am starting to feel like it will be for good.

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