High Blood Pressure

9 Oct

My BP was a little high today when I went to the doctor.  Now I think I’m losing my mind, I had written…oh, a good, three pages of a blog draft yesterday and now it’s gone!  What! Thanks word press.  Come to find out that the fAcking thing no longer autosaves in the new editor.  So in my haste to leave work yesterday, I closed my browser, thinking all was well and it was saved….but Noooooo!  So I’m going to write about something else because I just can’t tackle that whole thing again, right now.

Breathe, breathe…. and then I got to the gym and my landline is not working, I want to strangle AT&T because I cannot access my online account and they have my account listed as sPray Gold Fitness…WTF!!!  I wish there was a utility company I didn’t think was the devil. I will have to call them in a bit, but I’m putting it off because I hate being on hold for a million years.

It all started with my husband being all crazed this morning.  He had a conference call at 6:30AM, one of the joys of dealing with an east coast account.  I had a doctors appointment scheduled for 8:30 am in Truckee and he was manically running around when I got up around 7.  I warned him not to stress me out, as they alway take my blood pressure when I go to the doctors.  Sure enough after running around and rushing to get to my appointment, my systolic pressure was around 140.  So I had to pee in a damn cup.  That’s how I started my day.

The appointment went over all well though and I met up with an L&D nurse after to talk about breastfeeding.  Which was fine, but hurried as well.  I boogied over to the gym to find a potential client waiting at the door and my phone not working.  Rush, rush, rush… Then, they don’t have anyone to run practice in Truckee tonight.  Well, the doc said I could pop any time now…I just can’t be responsible for that.  Maybe ONE of the other twenty people on the league can do it…that would be cool.  How about one of the FOUR other league founders…oh wait, none of them do shit any more.  To be fair, one moved, but she is the only one I forgive.  The others have no good excuse really, for why they can’t run ONE DAMN PRACTICE.  Sighhhh, I’ve worked so hard to build up those freshies, but right now is not a good time for me people.  I’m the size of a house and ready to pop and I still don’t have my car seat in!



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