Fitness Adventures In Mexico

2 Apr


Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.42.55 PM

7am Aqua workout with moi!

Teaching Aqua fitness to a pool full of LadyBosses may just be the highlight of my year, but this whole trip was an epic exploration and I just want to share a few of my favorite moments.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 1.48.47 PM

Working my best poolside Britney Spears impersonation.

Daily Workouts


Workouts on the beach with Coach Jan and Coach Ang.

Let’s be real, I’m here for the exercise.  Every morning we hosted a workout from Aqua, to dance and yoga, to After Burn At Home.  Our talented coaching team led indoor, outdoor and all around workouts that were the best way to get our bodies and brains primed for each day.

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 2.04.41 PM

Body Sculpt workout with Coach Jessica!



Client focused!


As a coach, I got to have one on one time with clients that was precious and valuable.  Getting to know my clients, really helps me to expand my capability to help them.  Then getting to know and connect with other women in the program and build those relationships opened doors of communication that as a coaching team continued to unify are already cohesive team of coaches, and further enabling us to best serve our clients.

Fabulous Food

Ok, I am NOT here for the food, but it was pretty darn great. I’ve never been to an all inclusive before but I didn’t have a bad or greasy meal.  They were very accommodating to requests and even remembered my no cheese breakfast burrito every morning from room service.  My only complaint is the menu on the TV was irritating because I am an impatient Xennial who literally hates TV anything.

The Resort

I don’t know if I’ve simply been in Tahoe to long (I’m convinced we have the worst service on the planet) or what but the service at this resort was ABOVE and BEYOND.  Every single person I encountered on their staff was excellent and attentive.  I highly, highly recommend them for creating a stellar experience from top to bottom and thinking of literally everything.  If you weren’t sure  if you wanted to come to the El Dorado Royale, you do.


Not my room, but dang….

The Dream Team

Screen Shot 2019-04-02 at 3.21.03 PM

Retreat Coaching Team


Incase you don’t know I work with amazing, passionate and driven women.  Gah! I’m so lucky and this isn’t even all of them, but every day spent around these folks levels me up and re-ignites my passion for health and fitness.

The Beach y’all!


This photo really needs no words…

The LB Obstacle Course


Cheering on while Lady Bosses completed the plank and body arches challenges.

So the workouts were cool, and the beach was cool…but put them together and I’m in heaven.  On this trip I got to tap into my passion for OCR and work with the fabulous Coach Shanda to design and run obstacle course challenge.  We had such a great time and the ladies really took to the challenge and teamwork, got outside their comfort zones and got dirty!  I laughed, I cried tears of joy, I loved every second.


Rise and splash!

I am filled with gratitude, and smiles looking back on these photos all  I have left to say is THANK YOU to Kealin and Brandon, the entire LadyBoss Company, and the Coaching team, especially my senior coach Piper and the director of coaching Jessica for giving me these opportunities to shine, share and experience.


Attitude is everything.

Much Love,

Coach Christine


Don’t miss the highlight reel here:

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