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Baby Gear Top 10

7 Feb

Since I am now a seasoned veteran of motherhood for almost four months (lol), and because it seems I have a boatload of friends and family now expecting their own little bundles of joy, I have decided to share my baby gear top ten.  Keep in mind while reading this that my wee man is only four months old and he is admittedly changing every day, and because of that the things it seems that we find to be essential are changing as well, but I put alot of thought into this and the things we have found we absolutely cannot live without.  Another thing to consider is that every baby is truly different, and just because my babe loves this stuff doesn’t guarantee yours will or you will.  With each item I have included a small description of why we found this item essential, so you can decide for yourself.  Many of the items I researched extensively before adding them to my registry or buying them, so maybe this can help some mommies and daddies to be save some time. Let the list begin.

10. Angel Care Video Baby MonitorAC So this item has become more and more handy since our baby has been sleeping in his nursery, so really only in the last month or so.  Admittedly I wish i had taken the time to figure the thing out erlier though because we could totally have used it sooner, because it doesn’t HAVE to be used in a crib or with the motion sensor pad.  As a matter of fact, because our baby still isn’t sleeping in a full sized crib, we have not yet used the pad, but the monitor has all kinds of other cool features.  The video monitor included night vision so you can check on your babe while darkening the room to help promote sleeping through the night.  It also has a handy night light feature.  The sound portion of the monitor is awesome because there can be sounds in the room like music or a heater and it only turns on to a change in the sound level, so you never miss a coo or cry, but baby doesn’t have to sleep in silence and you don’t have to listen to white noise.  The touch screen really allows you to customize your experience, for everything to how sensitive you want the monitor to be, video zoom, to room temperature, and a talk back feature, I look forward to using when we have a bed escaping toddler.  As soon as our baby is in a full sized crib we will be sing the motion sensor, that I imagine will add even more piece of mind for us, as our baby sleeps longer and on his own.

9. Baby Katan katanWe find this baby sling carrier incredibly versatile and useful.  Here are the secrets to the Katan, because I know not everyone loves this item.  Firstly, the Katan WILL stretch, so buy it smaller than you think you need.  This feature can be frustrating but also nice.  We got an XS, both my hubby and I are roughly the same size but I found it harder to use initially because well, I have boobs.  It felt super tight, but it did stretch eventually and that was sort of perfect because our baby was so small when he was born, we have been able to use it so far from 6 pounds to 12 pounds.  The second secret to the Katan is patience.  You have to be willings to take the baby out and put him back in several times until he is comfortable, sometimes it’s just not right and you have to start over, sometimes you get it right the first time.  The Katan allows you to carry the baby many different ways.  We mainly use it with the cradle position, but now that he is bigger we have begun using the hug position as well.  Also, take the time and watch a million videos on You Tube, it really helps to see actual people demonstrating it’s use.  The Katan has allowed me to do laundry and dishes, or grocery shop while my baby happily snoozed in the carrier, it also works as a nursing sling in a pinch.

8. Medela Pump in Style Advanced On The Go Tote

Medela This kit rocks!  Everything you need to get started with pumping and do it successfully at home or anywhere!  I use this stuff every day.  The kit includes the pump itself, tubing, shields, bottles, caps, nipples, a cooler, AC adapter and battery pack.  The only things I would add to this are some additional bottles and freezer bags for storage so you can store milk for when you need to be away from baby, and the handy dandy hands free bra thingy so you can pump while you work on your computer or make phone calls.  I take the kit to work with me daily.  I feel confident my hubby can provide my baby with milk when I’m away because the bottles and cooler are easy to use.  It’s all exceedingly easy to clean and seems to be a workhorse pump.  Must have for the active breast feeding mommy.

7. Eddie Baure TriTreck Travel System EB This stroller car seat combination has been a real winner for us.  Our little man has happily cruzed around town in this stroller, and enjoyed his car seat from Reno to Tahoe and back many times.  The car seat snaps in and out of the car and stroller with ease.  When baby gets bigger you can ditch the car seat and put him directly into the stroller.  The stroller is a bit on the big side, especially with the car seat in it, but it is super light for it’s size, and has tons of storage beneath, as well as it folds up easily for storage or to stick it in your trunk.  I love the clam shell design that allows me to keep the sun off my babies fair skin while still seeing him through the mesh peek hole.   The wheels are rugged enough to navigate almost any surface, without being too big or cumbersome. The car seat is easy to handle on it’s own and doubles as a seat for baby to chill in if need be, that can be rocked to lull baby to dream land.  It also has a nice adjustable and removable head support for before baby can hold up his head.  A couple sweet additions include a custom car seat canopy from Annitta’s’ Creations, an Eddie Bauer baby travel soother a pacifier leash and a cute tiger toy and baby is good to go!

6. Burp Cloths burp Babys spit up a lot.  They are dirty little creatures.  My little man is currently in the “everything goes to the mouth” stage, consequently his hands are always wet, yuck.  I love these type of burp cloths , the size and shape make them great to sling over your shoulder or knee for burping, shove into a diaper bag, or drape all over the house for quick clean up.  We have at least 10 of these bad boys and I give them a big ol’ thumbs up.  Get many and use them often.

5. Binky IMG_0722 People will tell you all kinds of things and you will read all types of things about pacifiers that will scare you, like “your baby will get nipple confusion and quit nursing”, but let me tell you, the binky has been a life saver.  I was afraid it would effect his nursing but it has not and it really has helped me save my sanity, because if you don’t use a pacifier your breast fed baby will use you as one.  That’s all fine and dandy if you don’t ever want to leave your couch, but I’m sorry I do.  It has also helped us with teaching our baby to sleep through the night, because sometimes it’s just the right amount of soothing to get baby back to sleep.  Get a couple of sizes, we started out with little ones for 0 to 3 months and graduated to some medium sized ones now.  Our favorite is this cool mustache one, and we also have a beard one too!

4. Relax Melodies Phone App Relax_Melodies Forget the white noise machine, and the janky sounds that come on baby swings and cradles.  All you need is your phone and this free app!  Or if you are like us and you probably are, dig up your old iPhone or iPod and dedicate it to baby.  The soothing sounds in this app have sent our baby off to dream land a thousand times and most importantly helped him stay there so exhausted mommy and daddy could get some rest too.  Best of all it’s portable!  My hubby and I even use it for ourselves now, and we love sleeping to all the fun sounds, for an uninterrupted restful sleep when it’s the other guys “turn” to tend to baby.

3. Fisher Price Ocean Wonders Aquarium Swing swing We stumbled upon this gem.  Someone handed this item down to us, and it quickly became an important institution in our home.  When our baby was colicky or when he wouldn’t sleep or nap longer than a half an hour, swing to the rescue!  Mommy confession time, we let our baby sleep in the swing.  Another thing that will scare the crap out of you, is reading all the things that say not to do that, swings are not made for sleep, but when you haven’t slept in a week and you want to kill your spouse just after gouging out your eye balls….screw it.  Seriously though, you can’t be a good parent without sleep, and you are more likely to do some dumb ass dangerous stuff, so if your baby is like ours, you may love the swing.  Our baby loooooves the fish and the light.  Don’t bother with the crappy sound and follow my advice above for white noise.  Our swing just died (we are the third family it’s graced) and we are seriously considering buying another one, even though our baby needs it less now.  I only wish we had it sooner.

2. Halo Sleep Sack IMG_1182 The Halo is also a life saver.  Swaddeling is an art, and we have some great swaddle blankets, but if you have a baby Houdini like us you’ll want to invest in a Halo. Swaddeling helps soothe baby and promote longer sleep because they have no control over their little hands and arms and wake themselves up constantly.  We have two Halos because little man is just about to outgrow his first one.  Ours are both fleece, since it’s winter, but they make all types of thicknesses and materials.  You can swaddle your babes arms in or out which is great for transitioning baby from swaddling and it’s safer then a blanket.  Did I mention they are cute too!

1. Fisher Price Rock and Play IMG_1200 Forget the expensive bassinet, this is all you need for AT LEAST the first 3 months.  Why is it so awesome, well let me tell you.  It is inexpensive, light, and portable so you can take it anywhere in the house, which is especially awesome when baby is super young (think baby can go in the bathroom with you so you can shower!!!).  It promotes back sleeping for safe sleep but it provides a sublet angle so babies with reflux are more comfortable.  It also rocks, so you can soothe your baby off to sleep with the motion they love so much, giving your arms a break.  We have used the Rock and Play since the beginning and found it fantastic for transitioning our little man into the crib and keeping us out of a full time co-sleeping situation.

Honorable Mention

IMG_0716Bandana Bibs Remember that spit up deal, yeah, well if your baby has cute clothes, and what respectable baby doesn’t, you don’t want drool all over.  Bandana bibs are the bomb because they look cute AND serve a function, win win.

IMG_1497Boppy Pillow – I didn’t love the boppy for nursing but I used it enough to give it a high five.  But, it also has other great uses including a prop for baby who is learning to sit up and a tummy time buddy.

IMG_1392Fisher Price Rainforest Jumper – Our little man is just getting strong enough to enjoy this extravaganza of stimuli.  With lights, sounds, and a 360 rotating seat surrounded by interactive animals, I foresee this jumper becoming more and more valuable.

IMG_0519Skip Hop Portable Changing Station – Keep your baby off gross bathroom floors and other mysterious surfaces with the sweet mat that folds up nicely into any diaper bag.

HBOBHappiest Baby on the Block – Disclaimer: I HAVE NOT read this book.  I read the internet, extensively, while I struggled with my newborn colicky baby.  I learned many of the supposed secrets from this book after reading parenting message boards for hours while I nursed my son.  Many of the items from my top ten will be found here within.  I wish I had just read the book before my son was born.

Baby Lifting

20 Dec

To say I don’t have time is an understatement.  I can hear the baby making noises in his swing where he is napping right now.  I’m trying to make something to eat, write a blog post, and do sixteen other things all at the same time.  That is my life these days.  It seems like the days are flying by though.  Right now I am going it alone.  The hubby is on the road for work, and I am taking care of my little snuggle full time.  But, with the help of some awesome friends, I’ve been getting a couple of hours here and there to do things like take a shower, and go to the post office.  Yesterday I had so much mail and so many packages waiting for me, the postal workers were not impressed. They even told me I would normally get a stern talking to, but they know I have a baby so I get a pass.

On top of all the other craziness of my life, just when I was getting back on track, in the gym and on my skates…BOOM, I tore my MCL.  What!  Yep, just bad luck, three practices back after having the baby.  I think I was about five weeks post partum.  So, that is a small set back.  It was really sucky at first, painful and stiff.  I went to the ortho and got a referral for PT, so I started that on Wednesday.  The therapist pointed out some interesting things.  1) I have muscle wasting in my quad already, just from favoring that leg for about two week and 2) I have funky knees.  It’s hard to explain but my knee caps don’t go up and down when I flex my quad like they are supposed to, but they track slightly diagonal.  My other knee does the same thing so it’s not from the injury, just my wacky anatomy.  She pointed out this may be why I have had chronic quad muscles issues in the past.  Very Interesting.  Anyway, she gave me some exercises to do and KT taped me up.

So I’m back in the gym with my cardio severely reduced.  I can pretty much ride the bike, which is not my favorite.  But, I am learning to love it.  That’s my goal at least.  I have to admit it is hard for me to sit because my perineum is still sore from having the baby, but I don’t have a choice.  I am not really supposed to do a lot of weight bearing exercises on my legs, so I have decided it is a blessing in disguise because my legs tend to develop easily so I am focusing on my upper body and core.

My weight after baby is around 150 so I am looking to drop 15 to 20.  Here are my “before” photos.  I’ve got some work to do… IMG_0668 IMG_0669 IMG_0670 IMG_0671

Three Weeks and Counting

5 Nov


So it’s been three weeks today since I birthed forth life.  Yup, my little man spawn is three weeks old today.  How have things changed for me, and what am I going to do now?  Well first off, every day gets a little easier.  I was in labor for 28 hours!  My little man was sunny side up and all the nurses and the doctors were nothing less than heroic in helping me get the little dude out.  I’ll spare you the gory details in this post (maybe later).

The first week, week and a half was hard.  Despite all the help we have had from family, it took some adjusting to figure out how exactly babys work.  I was in the hospital for four days.  When we went home I was ecstatic to be back in my own space, but between breastfeeding every hour and the baby’s crazy erratic sleeping I was turning into a living zombie.  I pushed myself a little to hard at first also.  As soon as I was out of the hospital I wanted to try to return to life as I knew it.  I wanted to walk and work and wear normal clothes.  I paid for it, because by week two I was still hurting pretty bad.  I was taking ibuprofen, as my doctor prescribed, and it wasn’t doing anything.  Having house guests, even though they were immensely helpful, was tough on me.  I didn’t rest as much as I should have, and I didn’t allow myself much down time.  So when I had two days to myself, well…just me and baby, I took advantage of it.  I laid on the couch, I slept when he slept, I ate, and breastfed and that was all I did for two days.  That really helped me turn the corner.  I was truly hoping to get activity clearance at my two week check up, but what I got was, “Don’t push yourself TOO much.”  And I have accepted that.  So here I am at three weeks post partum and I haven’t worked out or skated yet.  It hurts me to say, but I also have accepted that I need to be easier on myself because I will be prolonging my recovery if I don’t.

I am hoping to return to gentle activity this week though.  I haven’t totally decided how that will look, but I think that is good, because I need to listen to my body.  I may skate this week, if I can.  We have a meeting tonight, instead of practice, and I will have the baby by myself on Friday because the hubby has to go to a work function, so I will miss our Friday practice.  We have just started to work out how our schedules will work now with the kiddo.  We both have work to do so it’s going to be an interesting balancing act, and we may not see a lot of each other.

Ultimately though it does seem that every day gets a little easier, we figure it out a little more, and the baby gets more manageable every day as he sleeps a little longer at night, and cries a little less when he is awake.  Every day I reclaim my body a little more.  As happy as I am to have the little dude on the outside, I have to remember that it was only a short time ago I was ridiculously pregnant, and 20 pounds heavier (yup, I ditched like 20 pounds in birth), and it is going to take time to get back to my pre pregnancy energy and body.  I vow to be patient, and kind to myself to the best of my ability.  In the meantime I will continue to work towards my goals of helping other people get healthy too, in the gym.  Hopefully, in time, I can use this experience to help other women who went through pregnancy and birth to regain their energy and bodies too, and hopefully I can be a testament to what works in and out of the gym. I will continue to share my adventure with y’all!

High Blood Pressure

9 Oct

My BP was a little high today when I went to the doctor.  Now I think I’m losing my mind, I had written…oh, a good, three pages of a blog draft yesterday and now it’s gone!  What! Thanks word press.  Come to find out that the fAcking thing no longer autosaves in the new editor.  So in my haste to leave work yesterday, I closed my browser, thinking all was well and it was saved….but Noooooo!  So I’m going to write about something else because I just can’t tackle that whole thing again, right now.

Breathe, breathe…. and then I got to the gym and my landline is not working, I want to strangle AT&T because I cannot access my online account and they have my account listed as sPray Gold Fitness…WTF!!!  I wish there was a utility company I didn’t think was the devil. I will have to call them in a bit, but I’m putting it off because I hate being on hold for a million years.

It all started with my husband being all crazed this morning.  He had a conference call at 6:30AM, one of the joys of dealing with an east coast account.  I had a doctors appointment scheduled for 8:30 am in Truckee and he was manically running around when I got up around 7.  I warned him not to stress me out, as they alway take my blood pressure when I go to the doctors.  Sure enough after running around and rushing to get to my appointment, my systolic pressure was around 140.  So I had to pee in a damn cup.  That’s how I started my day.

The appointment went over all well though and I met up with an L&D nurse after to talk about breastfeeding.  Which was fine, but hurried as well.  I boogied over to the gym to find a potential client waiting at the door and my phone not working.  Rush, rush, rush… Then, they don’t have anyone to run practice in Truckee tonight.  Well, the doc said I could pop any time now…I just can’t be responsible for that.  Maybe ONE of the other twenty people on the league can do it…that would be cool.  How about one of the FOUR other league founders…oh wait, none of them do shit any more.  To be fair, one moved, but she is the only one I forgive.  The others have no good excuse really, for why they can’t run ONE DAMN PRACTICE.  Sighhhh, I’ve worked so hard to build up those freshies, but right now is not a good time for me people.  I’m the size of a house and ready to pop and I still don’t have my car seat in!



37 Weeks and Counting

25 Sep

photo 2

I don’t have any monumental thoughts or anything today.  Just a little update.  Today I almost puked on the treadmill.  Yeah, that was awesome!  Not really…It was more like violent acid reflux than a normal pukey feeling.  Sometimes the bouncing of walking or running really does not agree with me.  I immediately got off and drank some water, and felt a little better.  My esophagus is still burning though.  Go figure exercise would aggravate heartburn for me.  I finished my workout, albeit uncomfortably.

I’ve been doing pretty well in my quest to be active since my last post.  I worked out on that day, Tuesday, then again on Friday.   This week I did a lower body workout on Tuesday, which I am still sore from.  Wednesday I interviewed a yogi, who led myself and a friend through an hour of practice, which is more yoga than I have done since becoming pregnant, despite thinking I would get into it more.  Then today I hit the treadmill for 45 mins. before my acid reflux attack, then I did an upper body workout.  Tomorrow I have another yogi interview so I’ll get have that.  Not sure what is going to happen on Friday as we just found out we don’t have the Incline gym for skating, which is a bummer.  I’ll probably hit the SGF&A gym no matter what on Friday.

I have to say that I felt pretty good in my yoga session yesterday.  I’m sure my form was all kinds of wacky, cause my belly is huge, but I felt pretty strong and well after.  Ash was kicking the crap out of me the whole time though, I am going to assume that meant he liked it, or maybe he didn’t, but regardless I was very mindful of my belly and didn’t do any poses I didn’t feel comfortable in.  I avoided twists and lying on my back, even though, I personally, haven’t felt any discomfort from lying on my back throughout my pregnancy.

From what I have read, 60% of women experience a blood pressure spike while lying on their backs during pregnancy.  The supposed reason for this is that the placenta compresses a major artery that runs through your back when lying in this position.  I haven’t taken my blood pressure while laying on my back, but I don’t feel any differently.  In the beginning of my pregnancy I really stressed about this because I didn’t want to hurt the baby by depriving him of valuable oxygen and nutrients, because your heart has to work harder to do what it does best, and thats why your BP goes up.  Conversely it’s more of an issue in the second and third trimester because of the size and weight of the placenta.  Some women I know even said they found it hard to breathe while lying on their backs.  I stopped stressing about it, because sometime I  would wake up lying on my back, and I’d feel fine.  I think comfort is more important to me at this juncture, and all that side sleeping, even though it’s my preferred position, sometimes hurts my hips.

I felt kind of pathetic today doing my bicep and tricep exercises.  I’ve really lost some gains.  If anything though it’s made me more determined to stay healthy and really try to get it back after the birth.  I’m going to need my guns back if I’m going to be carrying a kiddo around anyway.  I want to be a healthy and active momma, so I hope I can stay on track.

On another note, I think today is the first day I really felt excited about having a baby.  I mean purely excited.  So many times my emotions have been mixed, always an excitement but also some fear, and worry mixed in.  I think that is normal.  But today I was reading a blog about picking out the baby’s go home outfit, and that really got me thinking about how cool it will be to have a baby.  My grandpa posted on Facebook about his hope Ash will become a baseball player in a playful way (for the St.Louis Cardinals of course) and I started fantasying about little league and teaching my kid to play, and all the fun stuff we’ll get to do together.  The worry is still there of course, but it was outshined by hope and anticipation.  I was even excited reading childbirth blogs.  I am so curious about what birth will be like, so I’ve been absorbing other women’s stories like a sponge.  Everyone is so different, and I am sure I will be unique as well.  My main hope is that I can just assimilate this little person into everything that we do, because I really think our lives are great.  I’m sure things will change too, but I am starting to feel like it will be for good.

Let the Journey Begin

16 Sep


Since I am 27 days from my due date, it feels like it’s time to start really honing in on things and getting ready for this baby.  I coached my last derby games, and have begun my informal leave of absence.  I still plan on being active on the board of directors and coaching committee, but I need to stop being committed to practice attendance because I could be having a baby any time now.  In the meantime I have a lot to do to get ready.

I still have to set up the nursery, although, at least it is painted.  I have the bassinet constructed and in our new bedroom, but I still need to put together the changing table, organize baby clothes and supplies, and figure out the car seat situation.  Our house is still in a general state of chaos because of the construction so we are working on organizing everything, not just the baby room.  We also need to get ready for winter which is sneaking up on us, as it does so often in Tahoe.

If that is not enough, Mike is working full time and I have opened my new fitness center.  I spend most days there, signing up members, and planning events and classes, and all the million tasks that go along with business ownership.  So for a time, derby will take a back seat.  It’s nearly impossible for me to keep my hands out of it though, so I certainly won’t be disappearing from the league anytime soon.  I plan on returning to skating as soon as I can post birth.

As far as my fitness and activity level, well I worked out diligently through my second trimester, and I really felt good.  Once the lease was signed for the business, I started devoting inordinate amounts of time to that and my regimen fell off.  Mind you I was hauling fitness equipment around almost every day, and wasn’t inactive by any means.  I was, as of last week, still attending up to three practices a week, leading off skate once a week, and skating as much as possible, I just wasn’t as active in the gym as I had been.

Now that my fitness center is up and running, and awesome, and I am actually finding myself looking for things to do during the day, I plan on returning to gym duty.  Especially since I will likely be attending fewer practices.  I am aiming for one practice a week for now.  So today is day one of getting back on my gym routine.

I started with a 40 minute brisk paced incline walk on the treadmill.  My cardio has definitely suffered through this pregnancy, and I know some if it is due to the baby requiring more oxygen, and sitting on my lungs at times, but some of it is just plain de-training.  Running is a real challenge and even walking, now in my third trimester, can be tough, mainly because I feel like he is bouncing on my bladder.  The bouncing is horrible, not just the baby, but my boobs, and everything else.  I feel like the fat kid again, and I can’t wait to be able to work off some of this jiggle.

When I look in the mirror I can still see my muscles are there, but they are all covered in a layer of fat.  I am hoping that breastfeeding and working out can help me shed this layer fairly quickly.   After my treadmill time I did a strength training routine that composed mainly of large muscle groups in high reps, low weight range.  Because I’ve been off for a while, I didn’t push it too hard, and I now have something to build from.  Here is what I did today, belly and all:

Squats 2 sets 15 reps – bar 45#

Deadlifts 2 sets 15 reps – 30#(15# on each side)

Side Step Ups – 2 sets 15 reps – 20#(holding 10# on each side)

Lat Pull Downs – 2 sets 15 reps – 40#

Bench Press – 2 sets 15 reps – bar 45#

Standing Shoulder Press – 2 sets 15 reps – 20# (10# on each side)

This is all pretty light for me, but since I’m just working to maintain, not gain, and I’m 36 weeks pregnant I’m taking it easy and listening to my body.  I’ve been finishing up with a quick prenatal yoga routine from YouTube.

So I figure now is as good as anytime to start thinking about my journey postpartum.  As of today I have gained 30 lbs. says my baby weighs about 6 lbs now and I may lose up to 12 pounds of placenta, blood, and amniotic fluid.  So that leaves me with 12 pounds to loose to get back to my pre baby weight.  That’s not too bad.  Even being 146 pounds is not really that crazy for me, it’s a pretty standard de-trained weight for me.  The fact that I weight 4 pounds more now than I weighted at my highest fat kid weight is crazy too.  I can’t imagine being this big, sans baby.  It’s so hard to do the things I love, my thighs rub together uncomfortably and my arms jiggle.  I’m just so much happier being fit, and I am so happy I know that now, and know it is achievable.  I was finally able to wear a bra without underwire, and not be self conscious in a bathing suit, I actually had a visible six pack.

So as I was walking on the treadmill I decided I want to do the Ironman next year.  I have all the resources at my disposal and I watched some inspirational stories on TV today that prove to me I can do it.  In short I look forward to this journey, the new challenge of motherhood, and returning to all the activities I loved so much before, and new challenges. I’m pretty excited for this next chapter of life!

I’m Not Perfect…My Adventures in Prenatal Fitness, and Life.

11 Jul

     It’s been a difficult road to navigate, this pregnancy thing.  First off, being a fitness professional and an athlete and watching your waistline expand is exceedingly stressful!  I think we all have these preconceived notions about what we will do and not do while we are pregnant, and what kind of a parent we will be.  Some of that has gone out the window for me, but I never judged others, so to be fair, I think I get a get out of jail free card on that one.  I kind of always knew, I could never relate to what other people go through because everyone’s situations are so uniquely different.  So here are 5 of my successes and 5 of my failures (read: things to improve on) so far in pregnancy and fitness.


1) I’m still working out regularly and staying active.  For safety and sanity I have reduced my training load and volume from 3-5 days in the gym to 2-3 days a week.  I’m now skating 1-2 times a week, as opposed to 2-4 times a week.  I have cut my sets down to 2, and I’m not doing a bunch of extra cardio-interval training.  I can still see my muscles, mind you they are covered in a layer of fat now, it’s like before I started cutting, but they are there.  I am at least maintaining.

2) I am eating relatively well.  Nothing had gone off the crazy end in the kitchen, mainly I attribute this to a long standing lifestyle.  There is no way in hell I could have tried to become healthy while pregnant, I don’t recommend it.  At least for me, I was so crazy with hormones the first couple of months, and also sick, I’m glad I already had an established routine.  

3) I’m remaining as active as I can in my responsibilities; SGF&A, SRRD and derby.  I’ve attended a WFTDA ref clinic and been reffing and coaching and training as much as I can.  I’ve been working the adult league softball games in Tahoe City, and planning and negotiating for the future of SGF.

4) I’m not really scared of birth.  I feel strong, and prepared, like I was meant to do this…. most of the time.

5) I think we have a good thing going!  My life is stable and ready for this change, and my hubby is the best.  He will be a great dad and I will be the best mom I can be.  Our home is rad, what kid wouldn’t want to grow up in Tahoe.  And our families love and support us.

Failures (to be improved):

1) I let my hormones get the best of me sometime.  I’ve been getting depressed, it’s not so bad now, but I really struggled for a couple of months there.  It’s like I knew if I could only get off the couch I’d feel better, but It was really hard.  Thank god for my coaching job, it forced me out the door daily, and gave me some physical activity.

2) Sometimes I eat and drink things I know I shouldn’t.  Sushi, soft cheese, caffeine, a sip of wine, I’m sorry.  I really am!  I know people have strong opinions about these things on both sides of the spectrum. I don’t care to debate, I’m doing my best, considering the depression and god awful fatigue I am sometimes suffering from, it’s a constant struggle to remain sane.

3) I wish I was more productive.  I mean I still get a lot done but I feel guilty when I nap in the middle of the day, or ignore things because I’m easily stressed.  I should be promoting my training more, but I honestly feel a little embarrassed soliciting new clients when I’m so…..round. 

4) I wish I was giving more time to my spirituality and wellbeing.  I’ve been saying I would go to yoga, or practice meditation since day one.  I’ve not gone to one yoga class, and my meditation practice is sporadic at best.

5) I’m not helping enough with the house/home.  We are doing all this remodeling and my hubby has a bad back.  I should help more, even things like making dinner and making the bed would be a help.

Some of my fears are:

1) I am worried about the future of SRRD.  If I am not as available to keep it afloat, and do all the work will it continue to thrive?  Or am I being an over controlling worry wart?

2) I dream about playing derby and softball.  Will I be as good?  Will I be able to come back, harder, stronger, faster, better?  Or will it all be too much?

3) Am I over committing myself?  A new business venture, a new baby, the league.  It’s a lot, let’s pray for motivation not a break down!

     Only time will tell how this will all play out, but my sister says this will be my best year yet.  I just turned 33, on Tuesday, and 3 is my favorite number.  As she pointed out, two 3’s are pretty awesome!  Wish me luck!

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